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    what is the broken links, please share some experience ?

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    A broken link or dead link is a link on a web page that no longer works because the website is encountering one or more of the reasons below.

    An improper URL entered for the link by the website owner.
    The destination website removed the linked web page (causing what is known as a 404 error)
    The destination website permanently moved or no longer exists
    The user has software or is behind a firewall that blocks access to the destination website.
    The website owner linked to a site that is behind a firewall that does not allow outside access (such as an Intranet site or a restricted access area on a website).

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    Broken links are links that lead to pages that do not exist. When clicking on a broken link, the page you land on is called a 404 error page, a standard HTTP response that indicates that the requested URL does’ not exist.
    To find broken links Use W3c validator .

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    When you click any page for your sites then a message show that is 'Page are not found' . This page are not opened because of the links are break. You can use tool to check broken links.

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    A broken link is a link that doesn't work, often resulting in an error page. A broken link happens when the link points to a web page that has been deleted or moved.

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    broken links are URLs in your website that are not functioning or opening.

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    When crawlers click on the link while going throughout the site they may be directed to a page with a 404 error is called broken links.

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    Broken links are links that do not follow a valid path, or that connect with nonexistent files. These broken links are not recommendable because they produce errors and make it difficult for users to browse our site.

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    Broken links are not working not live link .

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