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Thread: Searching for Forum Hosting and Service to Promote my Forum

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    Default Searching for Forum Hosting and Service to Promote my Forum

    Hey there,

    I am thinking to launch a forum and need your help regarding the choice of web hosting provider in India and also the service to generate traffic to my forum.
    I've noticed that is an Indian company offering attractive hosting deals..
    Do you think that they can be good for forum hosting services?
    What solution will be better for me: Shared or VPS ?

    Another questions is related to the choice of service to get traffic to my forum.
    One of my friends suggested me service.. they provide the content for forums that can help to receive more traffic and search engine crawling.

    Will it be good idea to use them?

    So, what can you say about my intentions?

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    As for content services I think is really great idea. I've visited their website and believe you should definitely use their offers to promote your forums

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    Dear friend,
    You should go for google search, you can get better help there.

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    I know that is providing quality hosting services which are perfectly compatible with any web software and provided with high stability and performance, you should give them a try.

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    Post Re:

    You have two options available when considering where you can host your forum. You can chose to be "off site", that is your forum is not hosted on your website but rather in a community of forums. Consider this to be a similar set up to that as Blogger where an individual can sign up and them format their own forum/s.

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    I must say that if you are going buy hosting from, you will make a good choice.. their servers are stable, support is responsive, etc.
    As for, guess it will be a good idea to use their service in order to generate traffic to your forum..
    Go ahead, and don't waste your time any longer.

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    I believe that you should look for more names to compare offers and choose suitable one.
    Take a look at Metric Hosting fair hosting plans which are offered with high stability and helpful support.
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    Rather than purchasing the hosting services from Resellers, purchase it from direct hosting providers as they are more cost effective and support quality is more excellent.

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    Default Vps or reseller hosting recommendation

    If you are looking for good offers in Vps or reseller web hosting go this link and you can purchase good plans and get 99.99% Uptime.

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    Well, I believe that will be a perfect solution for you to deal with.. Their work is based on quality and you will be pleased.

    As for the hosting provider for your forum, I am sure that will be nice option to order cheap hosting solutions suitable for running forums.

    I believe that you will make right decision!

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