24x7 Web Hosting Support & Server Management

Netedge Technology is dealing with webhosting support services since more than 14 years. We are providing webhosting support services through email, chat, tickets and phone. We are expert in management of different kind of servers like.

• Dedicated Server
• Shared Hosting Server
• Reseller Hosting Server
• VPS Hosting Server
• Cloud Hosting Server

We also provide chat and ticketing support to web hosting companies. We use the chat and ticketing system of the client and provide support to client’s clients. We act as an employee of the client for client’s clients.

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So, we can take care of any kind of hosting environment. We have been providing 24x7 support to the webhosting clients by providing staffing services like

• Dedicated Technical Staff
• Shared Technical Staff

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Dedicated Technical Staff

Shared Technical Staff

Control Panels We deal with

CPanel, Plesk, WebsitePanel, Inerworx, DotNet Panel, DirectAdmin, ISPCP, Helm, Hosting Controller and more.

List of other services we are dealing with.

Server Management

Linux Server Management

Windows Server Security

Control Panel Security

Game Server Management

PCI Compliance

Dedicated Staffing

Shared Staffing

Remote Desktop Support

Technical Support

Hourly Technical Support

Ticket & Chat Support

One Time Service

Software Development

Virtualization Management

VPS Server Management

VPS Node Management

Web Hosting Support

Control Panel Management

Datacenter Management

IT Infrastructure Automation

Remote Infrastructure Management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

NOC Management

Web Application Management

Mobile Application Management

IOT Application Management

Please feel free to contact us at

sales@netedgetechnology.com if in case of any question.

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