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Thread: Tips for Speeding Up your Drupal Website

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    Default Tips for Speeding Up your Drupal Website

    Hi Friends,

    I have Used Few of Tricks at the time of Drupal Website Development and that Tricks finally works. So below i am mentioning tips that really useful for you.

    1. Use YSlow
    2. Use tools.pingdom.com to see if there is anything obviously slow
    3. Compress js and css using YUI compressor
    4. Only use cookies where necessary
    5. Use APC/Xcache
    6. Tune PHP params
    7. Use separate server for static. Use nginx
    8. Use varnish to cache

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    t is not impossible to make you drupal website 10x faster just by some tuning work. If your drupal site is slow, here are some tips that may speed up your drupal site:

    "No code is faster than no code"
    Reducing unnecessary blocks or modules from your site may speed up your dupal website significantly.

    Enable Drupal page cache
    Drupal construct a page every time the page is visited. Enabling the drupal page cache function will offer a performance boost by storing and sending pre-constructed cached pages to anonymous users. This will speed up your drupal website significantly if most of your visitors are unregistered users.

    Enable block and views cache
    Constructing drupal blocks and views every time a page is requested may slow down you drupal site. Enabling these cache functions may solve the problem.

    Turn on CSS and Javascript file optimization functions
    Combining and compressing CSS and Javascript files reduce file request and save up web server load, which can speed up you drupal site.

    Pick a simpler theme
    The simple themes, which use small CSS and few image files, can reduce page sizes. It is why I choose this simple clean theme for my blog o learn.

    Enable web serversí file compression function
    Most web page files will become very small after being compressed. Enabling you web serverís file compression function will save bandwidth and improve download times. ( Note: disable drupal page compression to avoid the duplicate process for cached pages)

    Enable MySQL query cache
    Queries that fetch complex data from database may take a lot of time. You can speed up your drupal sites by enabling MySQL's query cache function, which re-use the results of the common queries.

    relate post: Howto: Integrate memcached to speed up your drupal site
    Caching data with memory other than database or file system can speed up drupal website. Modules like Memcache API and Integration or Cache Router can help. Also consider caching path alias with Path Cache if you are using memcache.

    Install PHP accelerator
    A php server converts drupal code into executable program every time a script is loaded. Installing a php script cache software will save some of the time by reusing cached codes.

    Stop ajaxing
    Stop ajaxing if it is unnecessary. A ajax comment function will bring up a bunch of extra code every time a blog page is loaded, while, the fact is, only one of the hundred visitors may taste the limited benefit.

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    "No code is faster than no code"
    Reducing unnecessary blocks or modules from your site may speed up your dupal website significantly.


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    Well information. I really got the amazing knowledge from here. There are so many advantages of it. It is helpful to everyone. Thanks for the giving best information. Keep it up.
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    Tips to Speed Up Your Drupal Website
    Keep Your Site and Modules Updated.
    Uninstall Unused Modules.
    Implement a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    Bandwidth Optimization.
    Image Styles.
    Image Optimization.
    Optimize the Cache.
    Advanced Cache.

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