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    Which is the best internet marketing strategy in 2013?

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    Content additionally serves as a stage from which to captivate socially to raise power, trust, and social impact. Without high caliber substance, social media advertising might be extremely inefficient.

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    There are not any specific technique for internet marketing. You have to apply multiple techniques like social media, content marketing, etc.

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    Search Engine Optimization is best internet marketing technique to promote your business because it is cost-less and easy technique then other sources.

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    In my view, content marketing would be the best internet strategy in 2013.

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    At my point of view there are no any new concept 2013 internet marketing technique but for promote your site use content marketing and social media marketing.

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    SEO and SMM best internet marketing strategy in 2013.

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    Well, it depends on your requirement that if you want to get instant result then you should go with PPC which is paid service, but if you have much time to wait for good results then you go with SEO with different techniques.
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    Social Media marking is one of the best internet techniques.

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