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Thread: What is Crawl Depth?

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    Crawl depth is the extent to which a search engine indexes pages within a website.
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    - Crawl depth or "Page depth" is the number of clicks you need to reach a specific page from the homepage using the least amount of clicks. A page linked directly to the homepage is at depth 2 (the homepage itself is always 1!).
    - If a page need 3+ clicks to be reached, it won't perform as well because search engines will have issues to crawl it compared to a page available in one click.

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    Page crawl depth means how much far a specific page is from the home page, for example if you need to click only once to reach at the page from home page, then the crawl depth is one and if due to the url structure and website structure you need to click twice to reach at a page from home page then it's crawl depth is 2. Pages are considered less important as much in depth they go.

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    Crawl depth refers to the level or depth at which a web page is located within a website's structure, as determined by search engine crawlers. It represents the number of clicks or levels of navigation required to reach a specific web page from the website's homepage.

    In the context of search engine optimization (SEO), crawl depth is an important consideration as it impacts the accessibility and visibility of web pages to search engines. The crawl depth of a page can influence how frequently search engine bots discover and index the page, and subsequently, how it appears in search engine results.

    Pages that are located closer to the website's homepage, with a lower crawl depth, are typically more easily accessible and have a higher likelihood of being crawled and indexed by search engines. They are also more likely to receive higher rankings and visibility in search engine results.

    Conversely, pages with a higher crawl depth, located deeper within the website's structure, may be less accessible to search engine crawlers. This can result in delayed or infrequent crawling and indexing, potentially affecting their visibility in search engine results.

    Optimizing crawl depth involves structuring a website in a way that ensures important pages, such as core content, product pages, or landing pages, have a low crawl depth. This can be achieved by implementing a well-organized website architecture, using intuitive navigation menus, and providing internal links from higher-level pages to deeper pages.

    By optimizing crawl depth, website owners can ensure that search engine crawlers efficiently discover and index their most important pages, leading to improved search engine visibility and better rankings for relevant search queries.

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    Default crawl depth

    The term crawl depth refers to how many pages a search engine's bot will access and index on a site during a single crawl. Sites with high crawl depth see many of their pages crawled and indexed.

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    the level or distance of a webpage within a website's architecture from the starting point or root

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